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Being from the fashion field, I instinctively tend to observe the styling in movies and tv shows. Every movie I watch, be it a periodical, a rom-com, a thriller, or even a horror movie, I always notice the clothes. Being a film fanatic myself, I can vouch that, when it comes to fashion, few movies simply stand out. I made a list of movies that you could watch while enjoying the fashion aesthetics in them. And even if you don’t enjoy the fashion, I promise that these movies are effortless entertainers. Here is the list of fashion movies and shows, you MUST WATCH.


1) The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

What kind of a fashion blogger would I be if this movie didn’t make the top of the list? I know, I know, mentioning this film in this list is as cliche as sleeping-in on weekends, but you do what you gotta do. As the first scene opens, we see several women carefully selecting and styling their clothes, applying flawless makeup, and wearing accessories to match.

On the other hand, our lead Andrea (Anne Hathway), picks up whatever she can get her hands on. Chapstick is the extent of makeup in her vocabulary. She lands a job as the co-assistant of Miranda Prestley (Meryl Streep). She is a powerful fashion magazine editor, nobody defies her.

Andy is clearly in the wrong place, fashion is not her passion. But as the movie advances, she gets sucked into the glamorous world of fashion. She goes from wearing an ugly blue sweater to wearing Chanel tweed jackets, Louboutin heels, John Galliano gown, Kate Spade bags, and Hermes scarves. She now knows the difference between Prussian blue and Cerulean blue and wears boots to work rather than repulsive sandals. You also get to see Miranda’s wondrous collection of coats and purses, it makes you want to be her, even though it may not even be your field of profession.

You additionally get to listen to some good music, including the french version of “Dream little dream of me” – Les Yeux Ouvertz. This movie is a perfect blend of fashion, humor, and entertainment.

2) The Great Gatsby (2013)

Based in the year 1922, The Great Gatsby is a period drama portraying a man’s unconditional love for a woman. Our lead Jay Gatsby(Leonardo DiCaprio), throws enormous parties in search of his lost lady-love. These parties depict the jolly and prolific era after WW1. We see bright jewel tones, dropped waistlines, Hollywood curls, fur coats, and hats for all.

On the other hand, the movie also manages to reveal the darker and tragic side of the upper class, beige colors, cigars, artless bob hair, straight fit dresses, and sweaters with collars. It can be painful to watch a well-suited tuxedo getting drenched in rainwater, especially when jazz is being played as the background score. Lana del Rey’s Young and Beautiful fits in perfectly with the tone of the storyline.

Stylist Farah Pidgeon has done an exceeding incredible job with fashion in the movie, which makes this more of a masterpiece than it already is. Astonishing work of actors, writers, directors, and costume designers makes this film a delight to watch.

3) Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

The movie starts with a little backstory of our lead Rebecca Bloomwood(Isla Fisher). When she was little, she wanted shiny, sparkly things that lasted for 3 weeks, but instead, her mother bought her brown things that cost way less and lasted forever. Soon enough the scene shifts to Becky strutting down the street saying, Jacket – Visa, Dress – Amex, Belt – Mastercard, Bag – Gucci, and we instantly know that she is a shopaholic.

Becky is a journalist who wants a job at the top tier fashion magazine, Allete. She misses her interview and takes up a job as a financial journalist at Succesful Savings, oh the irony! She falls in love with her boss Luke Brandon(Hugh Dancy) and has to lie about her massive credit card debt to save her job and face.

Luke seems to be a boring finance nerd. But when he speaks Prada, believe me, you are as much shocked as her. This movie will drag you into the fashion world and get you so much involved in Becky’s life, that you find yourself rooting for her.

Her shopping monologue, The sheen of silk draped across the mannequin, the smell of new Italian leather shoes, the rush you feel when you swipe your card, and it’s approved, and it all belongs to you, (it’s the) best feeling in the world, seems shockingly relatable even to a minimalist. It wouldn’t be wrong if we mark this film as the starting point for Street-Style. If not for anything, you should definitely watch this movie for the boots.

4) Legally Blonde (2001)

As the name hints, this is a story about a young blonde girl who likes everything pretty and pink. Elle Woods(Reese Witherspoon) is a member of a sorority Delta Nu. She has the prettiest clothes and the cutest chihuahua, who is as fashionable as her. Elle gets dumped for not being smart enough by a boy who aspires to become a Harvard graduate lawyer. She decides to clear the LSATs and win over the boy she loves and somehow lands a spot at Harvard. The story progresses, and we get to see the typical early 2000s fashion, halter neck tops, backless dresses, crop tops, and cropped jackets. The blonde might not be book-smart, but she sure is street-smart.

We learn the iconic bend and snap in this movie as Reese Witherspoon delivers her role flawlessly. Elle wears 40 hairstyles throughout the film, mostly in loose curls, styled by hairstylists Joy Zapata and Linda Arnold. While the film might seem a tad absurd, it actually is based on a true story. Costume designer Mary Lane and the team successfully capture the loud, kind, innocent, cheerful, and smart personality of the lead character through detailed styling.

5) Annie Hall (1977)

Annie Hall is a romance movie with a hint of awkward comedy. Fashion movies like this one are rare. Annie(Diane Keaton) is a ditsy and confused character. The story is essentially about Alvy(Woody Allen) trying to explore the reasons why his relationship with Annie failed. Annie’s style has a boyish charm to it. She wears oversized clothes and prefers a lot of layering. Her signature look, white shirt, dark vest coat, broad and long tie, bulky beige pants and boots, influenced the fashion industry throughout the late 70s and early 80s.

Other than this, she also enjoys wearing sundresses, of course with layering. Alvy’s style is minimal and dry, just like his personality. He once wears a white shirt with white pants, which later on went on to become a huge fashion trend of the 80s. The movie maintains a meticulous fashion aesthetic of plaids, neutral tones, checks, and wide pants, all credits to the award-winning costume designer, Ruth Morley. If you enjoy retro fashion and films, this might be the movie for you

6) Euphoria (2019)

Euphoria is a show revolving around American high school teens, their problems with drug addiction, depression, self-identification, etc. The show also highlights, sexuality and gender, and for that, it utilizes fashion. Main character Rue (Zendaya), is a recovering drug addict, her wardrobe mainly includes oversized t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers, along with her staple maroon hoodie. It seems pretty basic, Rue is secretive and her clothes explain that.

On the contrary, Jule (Hunter Schafer) has a very bright and attractive style. She is a fan of anime, which reflects in her clothes. She wears plenty of pastel colors, florals, and sheer tops. Maddy Parez(Alexa Demie) is a petite girl, her boldness is promptly seen through her striking choice in fashion like, cut out outfits and matching 2 piece sets. Her artistic eye-makeup has already taken the internet by storm.

Another very interesting character is Kat Hernandez, played by model Barbie Ferreria. She is shown to be body-conscious, who isn’t comfortable being overweight, however as the show advances, she embraces her sexuality, and becomes more body positive. Her clothes beautifully depict the evolution of her personality and the acceptance of her body. At first, she is timid, which is why she wears staple jeans and simple t-shirts. As she slowly accepts her body for what it is, she discovers her aesthetic, we see her in leather and PVC outfits. She is drawn towards bondage and punk style, red and black being her primary choice of color.

Overall, this show inexplicitly talks about fashion through different narratives. We get to see labels like Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, IMGIA, Jean-Paul Gaultier, to name a few. The fashion in the show is brilliant, but the story and performances are splendid too.

7) Sex and the City (1998)

Sex and the city franchisee is where it all started, not even kidding! I acknowledge that many other older movies have made a mark on fashion, but SATC has surely walked 100 extra miles. The story of the show and the following films essentially is about 4 best friends living in Manhattan. They are passionate about their careers, finding love/sex, fetching designerwear, who strongly care about their friendships.

Carrie Bradshaw(Sarah Jessica Parker) is a love and sex columnist for the New York star newspaper. Her primary goal to move to New York is to find love and label. It all starts with the tutu skirt that Carrie wears in the opening credits. Which was a $5 bargain in reality, but its influence was wild. Carrie’s style is experimental and maximalist. She is an outright shoeholic, who could do anything for a pair of Manolo Blahniks. She has 100 of them, which cost her $40,000 in the early 2000s.

Miranda Hobbes(Cynthia Nixon) is a headstrong lawyer, who isn’t afraid to take what is hers, which reflects in her outfits. Starting the show with pantsuits, her wardrobe grows more versatile over the years, showing her character growth.

Charlotte(Kristin Davis) is a hopeless romantic and a very optimistic person. Hence her style unquestionably can be described as romantic and cheerful. She likes florals and flared dresses, but she is not as vanilla as one would imagine, given that she is a more conservative and traditional woman.

Samantha(Kim Catrall) on the other hand, is rebellious of the lot, as she says, “I’m a trisexual, I’ll try anything once”! Her outfit choices are daring but classy, her style is versatile and unapologetic.

The four of them go out and about New York City, to fashion shows, countless parties. They meet up for breakfast almost every day to discuss their lives with each other. Costume designer Patricia Field has done an impeccable job for the series. Developing a style for a character and maintaining it for years and years together is not an easy task, but she delivered flawlessly. Prada, Gucci, Dior, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Chanel, Ralph Lauren are a few brands that are very casually name-dropped throughout the series. Apart from the clothes, the storyline is engaging, and the series can be watched and enjoyed by all genders(contrary to many opinions).

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