I am a 23 year old fashion graduate, who is highly disappointed with the fashion community. Okay, fine, I’m being dramatic af, I’m just a little disappointed. (I’ll tell you why in a second, just read on).


Shortly after I graduated I became kinda obsessed with the idea of sustainable living. I started reading extensively about it but didn’t take any action. Slowly as this obsession became sober, I focused on execution. I have made a few tweaks with my shopping habits, fashion choices, and lifestyle changes in general. And to be honest, I’m still not the perfect sustainable creature or your go-to sustainable fashion human. But that’s the virtue of sustainability, there is always room for growth.


While I try to become a more conscious consumer, I see a huge gap between my sustainability needs and what the fashion industry has to offer. I also cannot overlook the fact that not many people know what sustainable fashion is. The fashion community is either misinformed or completely uninformed about the subject (the reason for my disappointment). Sustainable fashion is called boring, however, I argue that it’s truly the opposite. Sustainable fashion is not only good for a better lifestyle but is also excellent at helping you reinvent your freakin sense of style. At least that’s what happened to me. So here I am, sharing with y’all everything about sustainable fashion and developing your style on The (sustainable) Fashion Lure.


With this blog, I strive to bust as many sustainability myths as possible and help my readers to become better consumers. I will also share some practical styling tips with you. I promise that you will always have a takeaway from every blog, and it will be handy as you build your sustainable lifestyle.


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